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Canvas Prints

Canvas Printing At Qualimage

Canvas printing is at the forefront of modern decoration. The contemporary decoration culture focuses on making sure that the most exquisite memories and ideologies of the residents are brought out in unique and carnal expressions.

Canvas printing allows you to develop a painting-like design out of prints that you enjoy. Whether you want a canvas print of a family portrait or your favorite memorabilia, Qualimage allows you to present your ideal and most fond image on the perfect canvas with the style of your choice.

Timeless Canvas For You

When you choose to get the image of your choosing, whether a family photo or an abstract painting, printed on a canvas, then it is known as canvas printing. It is the latest trend in home decor culture all over the world. The global perception of developing permanent prints on vast canvas is growing with time. Let Qualimage create a timeless piece for you.

How is Canvas Printing Done?

Canvas printing is mainly done with inkjet printers that develop the prints for the canvas. The canvas is stretched onto the frame after the printing. The options include the frame as well as the frameless border and the result is hanged in painting style onto the walls. We take your orders seriously and come up with perfect canvas prints you can’t help but admire.

The print is done on a paper, and it is similar to any standard printer. Unlike the canvas paintings that are done with acrylic paints, these prints are done with conventional printing apparatus and the prints are identical to standard printouts. We house digital equipment to make the job as easy as possible and perfect!

Top-Notch Canvas Material

The material for the print out is mainly a durable and sturdy fabric that is made out of hemp. The canvas prints commonly available in the market are made out of cotton or polyester. But our canvas prints are high-quality products that are developed while keeping the style and panache of canvas printing in mind.

We develop high-quality prints made on polyester that are bold and have eye-striking color combinations. On the other hand, we also have the cotton prints that are long-lasting and have a more natural-looking print. You can choose either of the options with Qualimage.

A Wide Range of Types Available at Qualimage

There is a long and wide range of canvas printing types available at Qualimage, such as single canvas, multi-panel canvas and more. You can use the printing press to get the shapes of canvas printing that you want. You will find that the wide variety of available shapes and sizes will allow you to develop your designs in the way that your interior decoration style will truly compliment.

Our Style of Canvas Printing

Whether you choose an acrylic painting with an oil painting-like sense for the print of your choice or the simple print that will give a long-lasting sense to your print, our prints allow you to explore a wide range of highly attractive options.

So try getting your canvas printing, drop us a message to get a quote today!