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Design Guide


  • 4" x 6"

  • 5" x 7"

  • 5.5" x 8.5"

  • 6" x 9"

  • 7" x 10"

  • 8" x 8"

  • 8.5" x 11" (portrait)

  • 11" x 8.5" (landscape)

  • Want a custom size? Give us a call.


  • Do not count the cover as part of your page count.

  • The total page count is the same figure as your PDF shows you for page count. (Note: This is not the same as the number of pieces of paper. One piece of paper, printed front and back, is considered two pages for page count purposes.)

  • The total page count should be an even number. If it is not, a blank page will be added at the end.

  • Blank pages count as part of your black and white page count.

  • Our minimum page count for book printing is 16 pages. (For saddle stitching, the minimum is eight pages; please contact us for a custom quote.)

  • Our maximum page count for book printing is 1000 pages.

  • Within your page count, you can designate any number/proportion of color pages and black and white pages.

  • If a page has ANY color on it, it will be counted as a color page.


  • Our minimum number of books for standard online digital printing is 10. (You can order fewer than 10 books, but it would be a custom order and require a special quote. Also, custom orders for special sizes or paper types need a special quote and may have a minimum higher than 10.)

  • We have not yet encountered an order for too many books.


  • 100# cover (best for spiral or wire binding)

  • 10pt C15 (standard for paperback)

  • 12pt C15 (thickest paperback option)


  • UV Coating (less expensive)

  • Glossy Lamination (longer lasting and prevents spine cracking)

  • Matte Lamination - You can specify matte lamination if you would like a more subtle, flat look. Matte lamination costs a little more than glossy lamination. Try our Instant Book Printing Price quote both ways to see the price difference for your order.


  • 50# offset - white (B&W only)

  • 60# offset - natural

  • 60# offset - white

  • 70# offset - smooth (best color printing)

  • 80# gloss text - white


  • Perfect bound (paperback)

  • Spiral-bound (plastic coil)

  • Wire-O (metal wire)

  • Saddle-stitched

  • Covered 3-hole binding (3-ring binder)

  • Hardcover (please call for quote)


  • Files must be submitted as PDF (Portable Document Format) files. Depending on the software program you wrote your books in, such as Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, or Open Office, you will find an option to “save as” or “export as” PDF. Depending on your software, you may have an opportunity to designate the quality level of your PDF. If so, specify “press quality” to ensure the highest-quality setting.

  • Prepare separate PDF files: One for your book cover and one for the interior or "guts."

  • The cover PDF should include separate pages for front and back; we will create the spine artwork at no charge.

  • The PDF page size must match the book size you specified.

  • Be sure fonts are embedded in both files. To check and see if fonts are embedded in the file, follow the instructions at this link: Click Here . If any fonts are not integrated, go back to the software you created the document in, select "Embed All Fonts" in the Settings or Preferences menu, and re-export your document to PDF format.

  • Make sure your photos and other graphics are high-resolution. Use the highest-quality setting when saving your graphics—at least 300 dpi.

  • Your black and white pages can include photos and other grayscale images, but be sure that they have been saved as grayscale; otherwise, our digital printing press will recognize them like color, and you will be charged accordingly.


  • All covers are printed in color. Even if your cover is black and white, it will be published in color to ensure blackest blacks and proper contrast on the cover stock.

  • Create your cover art with .125" (1/8") bleed on all four sides. (A bleed extends your artwork slightly beyond the final book dimensions so that, after trimming, your cover art will fill the paper to the edge. To learn how to add bleed to your artwork, enter “add bleed to artwork” into Google or another search engine.)

  • Wire-O (metal wire) binding is available by special request.

  • We will prepare the spine artwork at no extra charge. You can review it along with the final cover proof.


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