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Before you proceed, go through these terms and conditions carefully. Each project at Qualimage is distinctive in its way; thus, we cannot predict which query may arise, or presume anything regarding a customer’s prior experience within the printing sector. The payment of your invoice indicates your agreement with the terms of use outlined below. If you have any questions or issues, you are responsible for discussing the matter with the appropriate member(s) of our team.

Below are some of the issues most frequently encountered during the publishing process:

  1. Quotations – The customer must approve a price quotation within 30 days. After 30 days, a new price quotation is required.

  2. The Precision of Estimation – The precision of the Free Instant Quote for Books calculator wholly relies on the statement given by the customer. If you provide additional guidelines/instructions for your project, we at Qualimage will modify the job according to those guidelines only if they link with the information provided on the official quote. Otherwise, we will contact you for a particular quotation.

  3. Invoice – When we send you a proof, we will also send you an invoice for evaluation and payment purposes. Your payment of this bill will then act as an agreement between you and Qualimage. Therefore, before proceeding, it’s crucial that you go through the information and make sure all the details mentioned therein are satisfactory.

  4. Orders – The payment for your order is considered your approval and acceptance of your order. Orders canceled, or following void payment won’t be offered a full cash refund.

  5. Modifications/Alterations – Modifications or amendments to customer requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Qualimage will keep updating the order or bill as per need at our present rates.

  6. Document/Text/Images – The customer assumes responsibility for keeping a copy of any copyrighted materials offered to Qualimage. The customer agrees to assure, indemnify, and hold Qualimage harmless for all accountabilities, damages, and counselor fees that may be incurred in any legal action associated with copyright violation.

  7. Venue – In the event of a lawsuit concerning this contract statement, location and authority will be in either the Mutual Pleas or Municipal Court, as suitable, for the county. Both the parties approve and instruct that the vital terms of the contract are to be executed in Arapahoe County, Colorado.

  8. Proofing – Qualimage will provide proof or proofs for customer’s assessment before proceeding with a print job. Note: Changes will be processed each time customer requests a change and proof will be sent for customer approval.

    • Proof Costs. We normally send a digital proof, for which there is no charge. If the customer requests a physical proof, the charges are $80 for an unlaminated bound book, $40 for an unbound book, and varying, depending on project, for other printed materials. If additional physical proofs are required after changes are made, the same charge will pertain each time one is sent.
    • Responsiveness. The customer is always asked to be responsive regarding reviewing proofs and should respond promptly with either: “accepted” or “requires tweaking.”
    • Change Costs. If a customer’s requested changes require more than minimal tweaking, we will charge for additional design time working at our standard rate of $85 per hour.
  9. Errors or bugs spotted after completion – We are dedicated to delivering precision and our best work in each of our projects and print a job only after approval from the client. We don’t proofread for errors or flaws in the text unless we are asked to do so (fee charged). Thus, the customer’s thorough vetting of the proof is essential. Also, we won’t be answerable if:

    • The client ignores the proof.

    • Any error arises in work after the client’s approval.

    • Demands for alterations are conveyed orally.

  10. Color Proofing – In case you have specific color specifications on your order, we recommend that you request a printed proof, as computer monitors display colors differently and each printing medium deploys colors differently. A distinction in color contrasting between your monitor and the finalized task is to be expected.

  11. Copyrights – The client warrants that any material to be printed is free from copyright infringement or plagiarism and compliant with all copyright laws. The client further attests that no patent notice has been detached from any material used in formulating the subject for reproduction. To support such warranties, the client agrees to assure, indemnify and hold Qualimage harmless for all accountabilities, damages, and counselor fees that may be incurred in any legal action associated with copyright violation, including for the work created or delivered.

  12. Indemnification – The client agrees to defend Qualimage from monetary loss and any other destructive consequences that might arise in the assembling of the work. This means the customer will hold Qualimage harmless and secure, insured, and otherwise defend Qualimage against entitlements, demands, actions, and proceedings of any and all kinds. This will be applicable regardless of concern for negligence.


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